Phangan Island First Love

I’ve made it! I’ve arrived Koh Phangan where I can enjoy traveling, get new experiences, love and live my life.

After I’ve finished meeting with my bosses, I excused myself to explore this paradise island with my friend. Yes! Mr. Sunshine’s going to be my guide.

Love at First Sight
I don’t really believe in love at first sight. But I was craving love as much as I craving enjoying the beach! On the ride, I enjoyed the view from both side of the road. At some points I saw really nice restaurants, resorts, bungalow and even ocean. It was about sunset time. But with cloudy sky, the light was not that beautiful. I was a little bit disappointed but I told myself that, I have plenty of times and tomorrow the sun may come!

On the way

On the way


Family time :)

Family time 🙂

Going Pirate Bar

Going Pirate Bar

My friend took me to a beach named “Haad Chao Phao” on Srithanu bay. We walked on the beach look for a place to enjoy sunset. And our spot was “Pirate Bar” a bar that usually throw moonset party on the beach every month (on the night before full moon party). Pirate Bar is hidden behind a big rock which is a part of mountain. Go to pirate bar you can use wooden path way or swim! The bar was under construction and we just sat on the path way which actually look more like a wooden bridge.


Sunset was not so beautiful but sharing a moment with someone special…made every single minute, perfect.

Hadd Chao Phao

Sun's setting

Sun’s setting

Having some beer and enjoy silent evening

Having some beer and enjoy silent evening


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