Best Mojito made from Basil leaves not mints!!?

Best Mojito made from Basil leafs not mints!!?

Vacation work usually gives you a lot of experiences … I support that.

Back in December 2012, I was working at a resort as ‘Everything woman’. I did everything. But it was a nice opportunity for me to learn new skills.


A few starving guests ordered food in late afternoon one day. Unfortunately our cook was not there at the moment and I volunteered to cook and fill their tummy. I cooked for them under condition that they have to eat whatever I can cook. ( I can cook only one dish at the moment )

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Healthy Breakfast – Banana Smoothie

Banana Breakfast and Fruit Salad

Banana Breakfast and Fruit Salad

Good thing living in country side. In the village we plant fruits. I wake up every day eat chemical free fresh fruits.

Today I put a little bit more effort to make my breakfast more special… and ended up with Banana Smoothie


  • Bananas
  • Drinking Yogurt ( I don’t have plain yogurt left in the fridge)
  • Honey
  • Ice


Blend Banana, Yogurt, Honey and ice together until its smooth, pour and enjoy!

Having healthy drink with fruit salad is even more healthy 🙂