Thai Chinese New Year Celebrating

My plan to leave my hometown seems to postpone. I’ve been here for 2 weeks now even I feel strange being a guest of my parents for this long. Anyway, being home during some festivals is nice, because it brings family to be together, have fun and update about things in living.

Yesterday was Chinese New Year and I got invited to my aunt’s house. She married a kind Thai Chinese man who’s become an uncle I really love.


Celebrating Chinese New Year would be various and different depends on family and regions. Some may celebrate for a few days, but at my uncle’s we have a celebrate day and two celebrate days.

I was at my uncle around 5 O’clock in evening. My family are there arranging and preparing food in three sets. As I understood, one for Chinese ancestors, one of Thai ancestor and one for gods. Once everything is prepared and a good time come. My uncle was first who show respects to ancestors as he’s the leader and older person. After that we all do the same, show respect (pouring tea to small cups is my favorite).


After that set up the firecracker and lighted them up. Everybody enjoy celebrating but no one can’t stand firecracker’s sound. Everybody use their palms as ear protector. After the last biggest firecracker, we burnt money, gold and silver! Well, it’s not real. This is traditional believe that what we burnt will be belong to our ancestors. And if our ancestor being wealthy, we will be wealthy.

Chinese New Year

After that it’s our party time. We all eat together, drink together and had fun. Everybody eat, everybody drink, but only someone got drunk. It was not me, but my little niece! She drank red wine just like drinking grape juice. But it was the highlight because she was laughing all the time and all of us laughed at her funny actions.
We end our night after Karaoke, I was a great singer when I was young. So I got requests to sing. It’s true that I was a good singer but that was more than 7 years! By the way, I sang a few songs and excused myself to go home and let my little nice being a new star there. She has a really great voice though.


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