A dog deserves love and care as same as a person

A dog lover like me can’t stand smart dogs. What I mean with ‘can’t stand’ is, I want to hug them, I want to play with them, and I love them since the first met. This is also happened with “ABC”

ABC is a dog at Hansa Resort where I had a short vacation worked. First day I heard someone called his name “ABC” I was wondering if there is another dog named ‘DEF’ but no, they has another name.

Good friends

Resort’s guess who gives love to ABC as well as other does

Since I got to know his name and I talked to him. He became my friend, my buddy and my security guard. We are friends since the day we’ve met. And this friendship will be last forever. ABC is a smart dog, clean and gentle (for friendly pal). Sadly he’s not allowed to hang around lounge area of resort. I feel sad every time I pet him and had to ask him to go away. But whenever we had time together, we play and have fun.

ABC is gentle dog only for friend or friendly persons. He chases strangers who walks on the beach as a security dog. One day I was walking on the beach, ABC and friends came along and secure me. Whenever he saw a suspicious strangers, he bark and ready to chase. But when I shout ‘ABC Stop!’ he stopped not immediately but not after many tries.

He loves chasing and maybe he did bite someone. That’s why someone tried to kill him.

In afternoon of a sunny day, sky was so bright and the breeze was so warm. My boss got a call said that ABC got poisoned. We were shocked! And was looking for him at resort next door. We shouted his name expecting him to show up. But haven’t got any sign of him. I saw a guy held ABC and locked him in one arm while putting something like plastic tube into the dog’s mount. I shouted at him madly. “What are you trying to do!?” but later I know he tried to help and make him puke. I said sorry to the guy that I was rude. He understood that I worried about the dog.

ABC couldn’t walk smartly as before, so my dad held him back to resort. We walk fastest as we can. I experienced poisoned dog before and remembered some household might help. If possible to find cooking charcoal, crushed and mix with raw eggs and force dog to eat. But we didn’t have charcoal, so I forced him to eat raw eggs and pour fresh coconut juice in to his mouth. As my experienced that this way is detoxify which worked.

ABC is strong, probably he already threw up most of poison. He seems mad at me that I forced him just to help. He actually looked better and walked away. I followed him worried that he would be suffer alone. But what I saw is, he ran to his girlfriend at a house across the road. This dog is strong!

Smiley ABC

Smiley ABC

I would be sad if that day I haven’t done something to help him. Or it would be so sad if he got so much poison to kill him. Because we will never see such a smart loving dog like him hanging around anymore. But last time I saw him before I left island, he’s happy dog with full of love from people around him. And people and I got from him? A smiley dog face 😀

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