Leave home to come home

If home is where heart, then I’m leaving home to another home.

Woke up today morning I dont feel excited that I’m going back to koh phangan. Because o have to leave my parent’s house and it’s not easy to say goodbye.

One hour fron my patents’ to Suratthani city. I took a Tuk Tuk to get a bus and took bus for an hour to get to the pier. The next Raja ferry to koh phangan was in next four hours and I chose to take Seatran bus( for 100 baht) to get to Seatran pier and took motorbike (for 60 baht) to get to raja pier. I paid extra money to sit by the ocean rather than save 60 baht sitting boring at bus stop ‘n the city.

I had lunch and wondering around waiting for the boat departure.


Fried rice sauces

I’m actually surprised by myself. Because I’m so relax and calm which rarely happened in past month. It’s a good sign anyway.

By the way I’ve been sitting at the same place for hours now. Do I upset abd tired..yes! But the positive way to think is..I would be on the ferry around sunset time. How beautiful it’s gonna be is still mystery! 🙂


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