A Three Legged Dog, Judy

Would you think you will smile everyday if you lost a leg? Your life wouldn’t be the same isn’t it? But will you give up? Will you fight to live happily? And enjoy every moment without pain and sorrow? Well, a dog does!

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A dog deserves love and care as same as a person

A dog lover like me can’t stand smart dogs. What I mean with ‘can’t stand’ is, I want to hug them, I want to play with them, and I love them since the first met. This is also happened with “ABC”

ABC is a dog at Hansa Resort where I had a short vacation worked. First day I heard someone called his name “ABC” I was wondering if there is another dog named ‘DEF’ but no, they has another name.

Good friends

Resort’s guess who gives love to ABC as well as other does

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Phangan Island First Love

I’ve made it! I’ve arrived Koh Phangan where I can enjoy traveling, get new experiences, love and live my life.

After I’ve finished meeting with my bosses, I excused myself to explore this paradise island with my friend. Yes! Mr. Sunshine’s going to be my guide.

Love at First Sight
I don’t really believe in love at first sight. But I was craving love as much as I craving enjoying the beach! On the ride, I enjoyed the view from both side of the road. At some points I saw really nice restaurants, resorts, bungalow and even ocean. It was about sunset time. But with cloudy sky, the light was not that beautiful. I was a little bit disappointed but I told myself that, I have plenty of times and tomorrow the sun may come!

On the way

On the way

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A kind of date on Mae Hadd Beach, Koh Phangan

December 24, 2012

I’ve been busy at work lately. Also Mr.Sunshine’s day off and mine was not match since. It has been a week that I’ve been living on Koh Phangan but I haven’t got chance for sun bathing until today.

My friend kidnapped me from resort I stay and locked me in his basement. But in late afternoon, he realized that pretty little girl like me deserve the beach! And said he’s going to take me to Mae Haad Beach (– read how Mae Haad Beach Surprise me on another day). I’ve been visited a few beaches since I’ve been here but I’ve never been to Mae Haad. And of course he knew it because he’s been my guide since the first day. So sweet!

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