3 Days In Koh Samui – Story Of First Short Stay

Back in middle of October, 2012 that I got a chance to celebrate my birthday with people who represent most of important people of my life at the moment. I celebrated my 24th birthday with my mom, my love and one of my close friends, and new friends on the island of fun, Koh Samui.

I had only a few days in Koh Samui but short time of good memory is actually live in my heart for a life time.

2012-10-19 09.49.12_Destidation_Travel_Samui_island

Ferry to Koh Samui takes 3 hours and half

My mom, my boyfriend and I traveled by ferry from Surat thani. Minibus took us to Donsak pier and there we got the ferry. For 3 hours and half on the ferry I did almost everything I could. I walked around explored the ferry, sun bathing, playing with mom’s hair, play hide and seek and sit still breathing! Only one thing I wanted to do and haven’t done was jump out of the boat. 3 hours and half was so long for me when I know something exciting waiting for me on the island.

My missions of visiting Koh Samui is visit a friend after long long time, to celebrate my birthday and my boyfriend’s birthday which a month earlier than me and give a nice and relax moment to mom as a gift.

We didn’t plan to travel to Koh Samui actually. I just wanted to visit dad and mom in south of Thailand. So we didn’t book hotel but we got a really cheap place to stay in the first night. It was 290 a night. The place is in Boh Put area which not so far from fisherman village. Looking for a sign written ‘dollar 390’ there’s restaurant beside the road. I don’t remember the name anyway. The place is not so nice but it’s decent compare to the price. You got a big bed, a desk for work and big closet. Don’t expected bathtub for a romance nice but bathroom is big and good enough for a special night believe me. Unlucky, air conditioner was making so much noise but we didn’t bother to change the room. She left air con on when we’re out so it was cool enough to sleep in the night.

2012-10-19 18.02.46_Destidation_Travel_Samui_island

We rent a motorbike after checked in and keep our stuff in the room. Three of us on motorbike checked around town. Well, we could rent a car but non of us can drive. So we had no choice. Three on motorbike was really bad idea for us and it gave us some lesson. When we back from town, my boyfriend who’s not so skilled on motorbike volunteer to drive. He almost got accident just right in front of our hotel when he wanna turn into small soi.

That moment made us shocked and scared mostly my boyfriend. But with consolation and cheer from me and mom, he got better shortly. A bit later we went out to fisherman village, walking , eating street food, shopping and drinking beside the beach to relax our mind.

2012-10-19 21.04.24_Destidation_Travel_Samui_island

Budget hotel.. look nice

My friend called me later that I should get ready and come over for party. It was my birthday party that she arranged for me. Mom went to shower in her room. My boyfriend and I jumped to each other immediately when we were alone. We were so hunger of love and passion…things go uncontrollable. Who said a cheap hotel is not a romantic place. Spice up your love and everything would be romantic.

A lot of seafood at restaurant. Everybody enjoy eating but no one bother to buy me a cake! Really?.. to be honest I disappointed about that. But I understand the style that we’re just enjoying time together that’s enough.

2012-10-19 22.08.14_Destidation_Travel_Samui_island

2012-10-19 22.08.20_Destidation_Travel_Samui_island

2012-10-19 22.08.24_Destidation_Travel_Samui_island

2012-10-19 22.08.28_Destidation_Travel_Samui_island

Chawang is our destination after eating. There are a lot of club over there. And one has kind of happy hour but it’s actually ‘Free Hour’ – yes you get drink for free. All of us went there ( oh yeah my mom also ). It was not worse birthday ever but it was not good one. My boyfriend and I had a fight at late night. A big fight and I don’t understand the reasons or what caused it. Might be drunkenness which caused everything.

In the morning we booked another hotel and aim to relax. My boyfriend booked a resort in Cheongmon area. Well it was not surprise or apologize for last night. It was our first plan to stay somewhere relaxing. We got 2 bungalows one so I invite my friend to stay with us and she can sleep with my mom. We had longer time together.

Love lounge area

Love lounge area

2012-10-20 13.43.20_Destidation_Travel_Samui_island

2012-10-20 13.43.22_Destidation_Travel_Samui_island

2012-10-20 13.43.26_Destidation_Travel_Samui_island

2012-10-20 13.43.32_Destidation_Travel_Samui_island

2012-10-20 13.43.44-2_Destidation_Travel_Samui_island

2012-10-20 13.44.20_Destidation_Travel_Samui_island

2012-10-20 13.58.34_Destidation_Travel_Samui_island

2012-10-20 14.20.42-1_Destidation_Travel_Samui_island


And as we expected “Samui Honey Cottage” sweeten our time. It’s nice resort with lovely garden and swimming pool. The lounge area is so lovely. There’s lovely coach under tree shade over the kind of deck. We ordered Thai food for lunch and it was not impressed me as I expected. The price is reasonable anyway. We rent kayaks after enjoyed swimming pool and sunbathing. We  kayaked to a small island and chilled out there. My friend enjoy her first time kayaking. My boyfriend and I enjoy dancing and playing on the beach as young lover. It was a nice time so far. Then we went back to the resort ask mom to come with us. She hopped in and my boyfriend kayaked from place to place. I was swimming around…we all had fun. I teased mom by pushing her far away from the shore. I didn’t see any scared in her eyes at all. She seem loved it.

Got accident

Got accident

There’s fun time there’s painful time too. After kayaking, I pulled kayak back on the beach and walked backward hit massage advertise board. It cut my leg. I’m told to stop playing but I didn’t listen. I went back to the ocean and enjoyed swimming.

This area is quiet and best for family. At night we walked around looking for place to drink. There’s nothing much. My mom decided to sleep and the rest of us went to a restaurant ordered some beer and played with swing that tight to a big tree. We took sun bed and lay it on the beach. A few cat come joined us and a kitty just slept in my lap. It was a really good night.

2012-10-20 14.23.14_Destidation_Travel_Samui_island

In the morning next day, I woke up and walked into the beach seeing my mom playing with little fishes. I came to her and helped her making fish farm by making small holes. Put big a big leaf as basement, put water in there. And there we’ve got a pond. My mom was a fisherman who catch little fishes and put in our ponds. I was so happy seeing mom relax and enjoy the nature. I believe that everyone has childish personality hidden somewhere. And when it show out, I found it’s cute.

This short trip was not the best but with many thing together, it’s remarkable one. I enjoyed my time with people I love, being with them is the best no matter how environment or situations brought us. The matter is love from them which make the moment special.


Sadly my boyfriend and I broke up not so long after this trip. I hesitated whether should I write about this or not. But it’s a good memorial even our relationship is ended. The memory is still there. Pain in the past makes delight present


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