Having Brunch With Landlady

Yesterday at this time I was still in bed. But today is cold…really cold for the island

I start my day with a cup of coffee. Listening to soft music and check out some news. My friend who’s always grumpy in the morning has his coffee and checking his facebook. He says, facebook is like a news paper. He can check up situations, weather, and friends’ news. That’s actually truth. So we both sit in the kitchen checking ‘news’ and hum along Canon in D while he’s reading friend’s status… I mean ‘news’

He left when I was in toilet. “See you later, little girl” I hear he’s saying and walking away. He’s going to work. I have work to do too but I can’t force myself not to go back in bed.

I read something on internet until 9 O’clock. I’ve been in bed for 3 hours wasting my time? But I still don’t feel to do anything. Lazy to cook, lazy to move, lazy to sleep… believe me it happens when you’re so lazy.

It’s almost 11 O’clock now. I went to buy fried chicken and thai dessert. When I came back home, I saw my landlady cleaning the house next door.  The old neighbor just moved out. I give her some of Thai dessert which I remember she likes it. Two young boy come ask for available house while I’m talking with her. So we show them the place and I help them communicate.

Landlady comes to know that I have not eat anything yet. She invites me to have brunch at her house. What’s nice old lady. She brag about her ‘spicy sour soup with fish’ which I immediately say”OK” because it sounds so yummy. We wait until visitors gone and I follow her to her house.

I get all food by myself because she told me to do. “I will definitely love you if you come eat with me like this” She joins me on the floor and start getting some food to eat. She already ate but wanna join the meal. I can imagine that old lady might staying with dog and cats might be lonely. Once she got food in front of her, she start praying while I’m carrying spoon in the air to feed myself. I put it down and pray with her. I say nothing but I assume praying can just share like that.

I clean everything after we finished eating. I say thank you and left. I am happy and I can feel that she’s happy too.

Not so long that I am in my house. Those young guys come back with a lot of stuff and guitar! I am glad they are going to be my new neighbor. At least I will be so happy hearing guitar sound everyday. But I hope they will play only day time…please play only day time.