Update after a while

The second time taking boat to Koh Phangan

The second time taking boat to Koh Phangan

Mae Haad Beach

Mae Haad Beach

View from Sunset Hill

View from Sunset Hill, where I live at the moment

Sunset at my favorite spot

Sunset at my favorite spot

I think I haven’t update this blog since the day I arrived Koh Phangan for second time. I picked up by my friend from the pier and got to a big and cozy jungle house in the middle of nowhere. The house is so lovely and comfortable. But there’s no internet. I was living ( not completely ) unplugged for a few days. Was great though!

I got a job in hospitality as an assistant manager which is totally different from the degree I hold at the moment. I’ve been working there for a while Things has changed and changed for some reasons. Anyway, I’ve been living my life on paradise island for a little while now. All went pretty well…

Just only a month and a few weeks, I’ve learned a lot more about Koh Phangan. No! I didn’t go to every weekly party on the island. But I talked more to people and being more active. I know a lot more spots on the island now. I even went to the highest spot of Koh Phangan. Not much to brag about it but I did it, okay?

Oh right, about Mister Sunshine. I had a lot of heart ache and it was not his fault nor mine. We are not good friends, do I wanna be more of course. But it seem like things wouldn’t work out from one side. So we are pretty good friends as we usually are. And now he’s going back to where he’s from. I hope when tide return next year, we will meet somewhere on the earth.

Well that’s pretty much all for now


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