A Three Legged Dog, Judy

Would you think you will smile everyday if you lost a leg? Your life wouldn’t be the same isn’t it? But will you give up? Will you fight to live happily? And enjoy every moment without pain and sorrow? Well, a dog does!

Sleepy Judy

Sleepy Judy

Every morning my friend left the house to work and left me sleep as a baby. But I couldn’t enjoy my morning in bed later than 9 O’clock. Because Judy wakes me up. He needs my attentions.

Barking sound from a young 3 legged dog woke me up in a cold morning. I opened the door and checked if someone coming. What I saw was “Judy” he was standing down stair wagging is tail like he’s so happy to see me. I was so sleepy but I can’t ignore him and walk away. He needs petting.

Judy is a male, 3 legged dog. He got crashed on the road and someone safe his life by cutting his leg instead of let him die of affection. First I came to stay at the bungalow I didn’t know his name. My friend who was here before me also has no idea. So I named him “Judy” surprisingly, he acts very well with that gay name.

Judy is so friendly and got my heart within a few days. I feel bad for him that he lost his leg. But seems he does not feel any sorrow about that. Every time my friend and I came home, he runs from another house to see us. Most of the time he fell down because of losing balance. But he gets up and run toward us as fast as he can. And most of the time I was crying inside. Because I was thinking that he’s cute, honest and loyal. He’s deserve better than this.

3 legged Judy

3 legged Judy

I was thinking about Judy another day when I was petting him. He does not has any sadness in his eyes. I sit quietly with him, and then I got really surprised from his reaction. He barked at me and guided me to the field in front of the house like he said, “Come on, come play with me”. I stood up and run around with him. It was really great feeling seeing him running around me with 3 legs laughs and smiles (I mean barks). Many time that Judy fell down. Losing a leg is not easy but Judy’s life is never tough. Because I’m sure he has such good attitudes that keeps him happy even he’s living with only 3 legs.

I’m very bounded to Judy, and I know he’s bounded to me. That house I lived for short time in Koh Phangan couldn’t call home if there wasn’t Judy. He completes the moments. Judy is a center of love. Sometimes my friend and I were mad at each other. But when it comes to Judy time, we forgot about madness and spent time with cute Judy, just together. Judy is loved. And with that love made house to be home.

I missed him, he's probably missing me now

I missed him, he’s probably missing me now

It’s very sad that I haven’t got chance to say good bye to Judy when I left. I was thinking, will he feel like he lost a friend, will he feel lonely, does he has feeling like me. I missed him. I already left and live away from him. But he’s still in my mind.

Judy taught me about life. Every day that I saw him walking around, chasing another dogs or running after me. It taught me that life is full of joy. A dog with 3 legs is still able to chase another dogs, is still enjoying running around people and is still happy. I myself is a complete human, why would I try to suffer myself with bad attitudes and suffer myself from not being enjoy living?

Love you a lot, Judy


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