Leaving job could cause stressful sometimes especially when you don’t feel to give a damn at that job any more. But it’s not time to leave, either by the contract to responsibilities.

Today I really do feel my job dragging me down and makes me stress. I tried to do things but nothing is entertain me. I couldn’t even sleep, feel terrible.

My boyfriend is being helpful and cheering me up. But that’s not enough. I need to get myself out of the house and kick out the stressful. I finally took a ride with him to downtown, drop him at Thai School and drive to Nira’s Bakery. I need desserts!

Nira's Bakery - Koh Phangan Nira's Bakery - Koh Phangan


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3 Days In Koh Samui – Story Of First Short Stay

Back in middle of October, 2012 that I got a chance to celebrate my birthday with people who represent most of important people of my life at the moment. I celebrated my 24th birthday with my mom, my love and one of my close friends, and new friends on the island of fun, Koh Samui.

I had only a few days in Koh Samui but short time of good memory is actually live in my heart for a life time.

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Koh Samui

Samui island is another attracting both budget or luxury travelers. It’s located in Gulf of Thailand about 35 km northeast of Surat Thani. Or 3 hours and half by ferry.


How to get there

Plane from Bangkok about 2 hour and half

Bus (8hours) + Ferry (3.30 hours), Train (10 hours or more) + Ferry (3.30 hours)

* There would be gap of transit





Do you need to rent motorbike in Koh Phangan?

For five weeks that I lived in Koh Phangan I think motorbike is needed. First 2 weeks, I didn’t rent motorbike and I regret it. From my experience,

I think you need motorbike if you:

–      You are going to be there for more than 3 days

  • If you’re going to be there only the day you arrived and leave in next morning. Taking taxi will be more comfortable and more convenient

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Thai Chinese New Year Celebrating

My plan to leave my hometown seems to postpone. I’ve been here for 2 weeks now even I feel strange being a guest of my parents for this long. Anyway, being home during some festivals is nice, because it brings family to be together, have fun and update about things in living.

Yesterday was Chinese New Year and I got invited to my aunt’s house. She married a kind Thai Chinese man who’s become an uncle I really love.

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Phangan Island First Love

I’ve made it! I’ve arrived Koh Phangan where I can enjoy traveling, get new experiences, love and live my life.

After I’ve finished meeting with my bosses, I excused myself to explore this paradise island with my friend. Yes! Mr. Sunshine’s going to be my guide.

Love at First Sight
I don’t really believe in love at first sight. But I was craving love as much as I craving enjoying the beach! On the ride, I enjoyed the view from both side of the road. At some points I saw really nice restaurants, resorts, bungalow and even ocean. It was about sunset time. But with cloudy sky, the light was not that beautiful. I was a little bit disappointed but I told myself that, I have plenty of times and tomorrow the sun may come!

On the way

On the way

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Got a job! – Where I can enjoy the beach, the sun, and the ocean

January 13, 2013

After long sea sick trip from Choomporn to Koh Phangan my stomach was so empty. My friend who picked up me from the pier stopped by a Thai Local Restaurant. I had Crispy Pork with Rice before we head to Hansa Resort, my first destination on Koh Phangan. Hansa Resort is a lovely bungalow beach resort located on Ban Tai in south of Koh Phangan. A few hundreds meter before 7-11 Ban-Tai. I had first impression since I was at the way path which straightly lead me to sea view, a few cozy bungalows on my right and a two stories house on the right. What we saw made me and my friend agreed to say “It’s not bad at all”. But the farther I walked into the resort the more beautiful I experience. There’s a medium size swimming pool surrounded by a few bungalows. Two bungalow are right in front of the beach. The resort’s lounge is on the left of bungalows which you can sit there entire day enjoy the breeze reading book or sunset in evening. And this made us say “It’s really nice place”

Palm tree

Palm tree

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A kind of date on Mae Hadd Beach, Koh Phangan

December 24, 2012

I’ve been busy at work lately. Also Mr.Sunshine’s day off and mine was not match since. It has been a week that I’ve been living on Koh Phangan but I haven’t got chance for sun bathing until today.

My friend kidnapped me from resort I stay and locked me in his basement. But in late afternoon, he realized that pretty little girl like me deserve the beach! And said he’s going to take me to Mae Haad Beach (– read how Mae Haad Beach Surprise me on another day). I’ve been visited a few beaches since I’ve been here but I’ve never been to Mae Haad. And of course he knew it because he’s been my guide since the first day. So sweet!

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