Got a job! – Where I can enjoy the beach, the sun, and the ocean

January 13, 2013

After long sea sick trip from Choomporn to Koh Phangan my stomach was so empty. My friend who picked up me from the pier stopped by a Thai Local Restaurant. I had Crispy Pork with Rice before we head to Hansa Resort, my first destination on Koh Phangan. Hansa Resort is a lovely bungalow beach resort located on Ban Tai in south of Koh Phangan. A few hundreds meter before 7-11 Ban-Tai. I had first impression since I was at the way path which straightly lead me to sea view, a few cozy bungalows on my right and a two stories house on the right. What we saw made me and my friend agreed to say “It’s not bad at all”. But the farther I walked into the resort the more beautiful I experience. There’s a medium size swimming pool surrounded by a few bungalows. Two bungalow are right in front of the beach. The resort’s lounge is on the left of bungalows which you can sit there entire day enjoy the breeze reading book or sunset in evening. And this made us say “It’s really nice place”

Palm tree

Palm tree

Boat trip enjoying Sunset far away

Boat trip enjoying Sunset far away

I saw a sweaty guy in white cotton beach pants and shirt at the entry. He’s definitely not Thai nor westerner. “Excuse me, I am looking for Mister B”. He walked to us and said, “Are you Tida?” He knew my name, so I guess that’s ‘Mister B’. I have no expectation about my boss’s personality as long as he’s not grumpy or moody man, I will be fine. Luckily Mister B, doesn’t seem like one. He seems to be a funny and nice guy. He led us to lounge area and let us enjoying beautiful view while he went back to cleanup his busyness. He let me wait for a while and came talk to me about my responsibilities of my vacation work. It was actually interviewing and small meeting among Mister B, the owner and me. Shortly, I will take care of reception and welcoming, lounge cleaning, food and beverage sell and services. Also I have to work on every Saturday night which is Hansa’s Party night. I don’t have to start working right away. But I will be here at night to have the idea of Hansa’s Party.


I took all my stuff to my cozy room on first floor of the house. A room which decorated in hot tone which has comfortable bed and also bath tub. What liked the most is, I can feel the breeze and it has very nice view when I left door open. I just can’t believe it! I actually a girl in IT firm but right now I committed to hospitality and tourism firm. But I wouldn’t know what I like, if I haven’t tried even once.

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