Fishing Squid

Lately I got a chance to go fishing at Chaloklum Bay in Koh Phangan.. have a look


Fishing boat


Update after a while

The second time taking boat to Koh Phangan

The second time taking boat to Koh Phangan

Mae Haad Beach

Mae Haad Beach

View from Sunset Hill

View from Sunset Hill, where I live at the moment

Sunset at my favorite spot

Sunset at my favorite spot

I think I haven’t update this blog since the day I arrived Koh Phangan for second time. I picked up by my friend from the pier and got to a big and cozy jungle house in the middle of nowhere. The house is so lovely and comfortable. But there’s no internet. I was living ( not completely ) unplugged for a few days. Was great though!

I got a job in hospitality as an assistant manager which is totally different from the degree I hold at the moment. I’ve been working there for a while Things has changed and changed for some reasons. Anyway, I’ve been living my life on paradise island for a little while now. All went pretty well…

Just only a month and a few weeks, I’ve learned a lot more about Koh Phangan. No! I didn’t go to every weekly party on the island. But I talked more to people and being more active. I know a lot more spots on the island now. I even went to the highest spot of Koh Phangan. Not much to brag about it but I did it, okay?

Oh right, about Mister Sunshine. I had a lot of heart ache and it was not his fault nor mine. We are not good friends, do I wanna be more of course. But it seem like things wouldn’t work out from one side. So we are pretty good friends as we usually are. And now he’s going back to where he’s from. I hope when tide return next year, we will meet somewhere on the earth.

Well that’s pretty much all for now

Got a job! – Where I can enjoy the beach, the sun, and the ocean

January 13, 2013

After long sea sick trip from Choomporn to Koh Phangan my stomach was so empty. My friend who picked up me from the pier stopped by a Thai Local Restaurant. I had Crispy Pork with Rice before we head to Hansa Resort, my first destination on Koh Phangan. Hansa Resort is a lovely bungalow beach resort located on Ban Tai in south of Koh Phangan. A few hundreds meter before 7-11 Ban-Tai. I had first impression since I was at the way path which straightly lead me to sea view, a few cozy bungalows on my right and a two stories house on the right. What we saw made me and my friend agreed to say “It’s not bad at all”. But the farther I walked into the resort the more beautiful I experience. There’s a medium size swimming pool surrounded by a few bungalows. Two bungalow are right in front of the beach. The resort’s lounge is on the left of bungalows which you can sit there entire day enjoy the breeze reading book or sunset in evening. And this made us say “It’s really nice place”

Palm tree

Palm tree

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From Bangkok to Koh Phangan

Left my past he hide – December 13, 2012

Yesterday I moved out from the room of history. I have many reasons for leaving this room and of course on them is, I want to forget the past. People say, ‘you can’t forget the past, you can only left it be hide’. But I don’t think living with bad memories helps me move on. For now I prefer to leave them be hide and once I am ready, I’ll dig deep to my memory and learn from it. For now? Good bye.

Ticket to Paradise

I have to go to Khaosan road to buy boat ticket to Koh Phangan. Traffic in Bangkok in evening is horrible but I avoid them by taking boat.

There are many agencies here but my friend who came along with me said, just get from any of them. I agreed, and don’t think price would be so different.

With small discount I got ticket from Bangkok to Koh Phangan for 1200 Baht traveling with Lom Praya Ferry. But if you are foreigner, had blonde hair and hold foreign passport. You may get the ticket for 800 Baht. I rarely see any serviced which Thai pay more expensive than foreigners! I curiosity asked them why, and they said “It’s slower boat”. Thai’s not allowed to take that boat because it’s tourist boat. Actually their reason was nonsense to me but I didn’t ask any more questions.

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Things Happen For A Reason

December 12, 2012

Can’t believe it’s really happened!

I’ve made decision that I will be on the island. And my first destination would be Koh Phanagan. – Why is that? – Because my destiny want me to be there.

I haven’t book any hotels because I planned to send out couch request on I’ve heard about couchsurfing but never experienced it. I sent out a few request asking for host for a few days and tried to get information about getting hired as well.

I checked my inbox every day and what I got was – I can’t host at the moment – I read them with no attention because I know the answer. But finally a message just caught my eyes. “I may have a job for you. I hope it’s still available when you’re arrived 🙂 keep in touch

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24JAN, 2013 – Coming Back Home

I love to hug and to be hugged but not for saying good bye. When it comes to say good bye, I don’t want to let go. However, we say ‘good bye’ today because we will see ‘hello’ again tomorrow. So it’s not a bad thing!

View from Thong Sala, Koh Phangan

View from Thong Sala, Koh Phangan

Thong Sala Pier Koh Phangan

Thong Sala Pier

My friend took me to Thong-Sala pier and we arrived just 30 minutes before departure. So we don’t really have a lot of time to say good bye which is good for me, because I am not good at saying good bye (at all!) I was standing in front of my friend like a robot waiting for command. “Come on little girl, give me a hug!”Ok I think I have to hug and then what? I have to let go? And saying something nice? Trying not to cry? Oh I hate saying good bye.  Anyway I think it was smooth good bye for a robot like me. I lifted my heavy bags up and walked away – here we go! My memories on Koh Phangan started coming to my mind scene by scene.

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Fried Egg Salad - First time on Koh Phangan

First time for Fried Egg Salad – When I cook for my friend (host)

Since I’ve been living at my friend’s house I think I should do something in return. I requited his kindness, I decided to cook a few dishes for our dinner.

I went to shopping earlier without idea which dish I’m going to cook. And I came back in about 20 minutes later with a lot of things. I think it’s going to be enough for a few days. I got half kilogram of chicken breast, Ginger, Eggs, Onion, Beans, and a few more stuff.

When I was working at Hansa Resort, I remembered a guest ordered something look delicious and I’ve never cooked it. So it’s going to be good chance to try. That dish call “Fried Egg Salad” When it comes to “salad” for Thai food it’s usually spicy—you should know that 🙂

I’ve been taken any cooking class and I am a real beginner. Let’s see how I cook this dish…

I learn to cook Fried Egg Salad

Fried Egg Salad

Fried Egg Salad - First time on Koh Phangan

Fried Egg Salad – First time on Koh Phangan

Fried Egg Salad


–       Eggs

–       Onion ( all white, green, and red )

–       Chili

–       Tomato

–        Fries peanuts

–       Fish Sauce

–       Sugar

–       Lime


–       Chop up the onion and chili

–       Cut tomato into not so big pieces

–       Fry egg and chop into pieces

Mix Salad Sauce

–       Mix Fish sauce, Sugar, Lime and chilies in a bowl. I don’t measure how much for each ingredients. So your expectation is every flavor is main flavor; sour, salty, sweet and spicy. Or adapt to any flavor you prefer.

Mix them together

–       Put onion and tomato to sauce bowl, mix them together

–       Prepare chopped friend egg in a dish

–       Pour Salad sauce on top mix

–       Add fried peanuts on top as optional

–       Enjoy!

It was my first time cooking this dish and it was well. I proud of myself 🙂

By the way I also cook another simple one as well. It called “Stir Fry Chicken with Ginger”

Stir Fry Chicken with Ginger

Stir Fry Chicken with Ginger

Stir Fry Chicken with Ginger

Cutting Ginger is tough!

Stir Fry Chicken with Ginger

–       Chicken breast sliced

–       Onion

–       Mushroom

–       Ginger

–       Beans

–       Fish sauce

–       Oyster sauce

–       Sugar

–       Oil

–       Garlic


I am not good at cutting and slicing work. So you know what to do, right? This is simple dish. What I found difficult is ginger cutting part! How do I cook? After you’re done with cutting work. Heat a little bit of oil, add chopped garlic, put chicken and follow by oyster sauce, then ginger. Fry them for a while because ginger need some time to cook. While waiting for ginger to be right, add fish sauce, sugar, or more oyster sauce as you wish. Then add onion, mushroom, beans or other vegetable. You expected flavor to be more salty and less sweet from mushroom and oyster sauce. But I added sugar because I love sweetness.

Well, that what I cooked when I was on Koh Phangan. My friend likes Fried Egg Salad.. but it was spicy. Of course, he complaint on the next day!

Oh yeah, while I’m cooking and busy in the kitchen. Judy tried to get my attention and begging for food. He knew that I was cooking!

Judy, a smart dog

Judy, a smart dog