Surprised From Ocean and Awesome Activities on Mae Haad Beach and Koh Ma, Deserted Island

My friend, M is still here and of course we will spend time together. We both always have no plans so we agreed to meet at his resort and find out our destination

Mae Haad Beach

Photo shooting at Malibu Beach

Today the Sun is working along well with clouds to make a lovely day. It makes us want to shoot some photos at Malibu Beach (again). My friend drove passed Malibu entrance and head to convenience shop: 7-Eleven. We need some chocolate to boost our brain. We came out with some chocolate bars. I don’t know how his body can maintain all those sweet.

Silky white sand

Silky white sand

Malibu White Sand

Malibu White Sand

Beautiful beach, white sand and warm sun always attracted people. There are many people on the beach. Some having sun bathing, children are building sand castles and couples are expressing love.

I unfolded my beach towel and we leave our stuff there. My friend walked far away into the ocean and tried to get some nice shots. Obviously he got at least a nice shot of a hot girl bum!

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Another lovely day at Malibu Beach, Koh Phangan

Malibu beach located in Northern of Koh Phangan. It’s not far from Chaloklum where I live so I go there so often and always enjoy the beach over there. Drinks and food are little bit expensive compare to another beach or restaurants by the ocean. But positively, you pay for food and you get beautiful beach and atmosphere as a gift. It’s really worth to pay.

I’ve not eat any food here yet. I know a few price of some drink like Singhabeer big bottle is 80 Baht, All cocktails is 180 Baht and Fruit Shake is 80 Baht. I had Mojito here was terrible anyway.