2 busy days in Bangkok

Two days in Bangkok that I dont really enjoyed

I came back to Bangkok for 2 days to moved my stuffs out from my apartment. No not that I’m going for round the world trip. But I decided not to live in Bangkok any longer. I spent one day and half to pack up my thing with help from mom. Without mom’s help, I don’t know if I could finished this fast. I didn’t have time for relax or party with friends but I do had a few hours outside seeing people in busy Bangkok

Yesterday was the fist day in this big city after 4 months living in up country. I reached Bangkok in the morning. I saw working class people walking so fast hoping to get the bus. Some was running down from bus to catch another bus. Some well dressed with perfect make up was on motorbike. I was so sure she’s woke up so early, spent an hour picking up her nice dress, make up and curled her hair. And she then take a motorbike taxi to get to work. Because it’s a best way in the hurry morning. Sweat on her nice dress and running on heels would be her last choice. I looked at people on my left and right wondering do they happy living in this big city and having life the way they do. Please don’t get me wrong. I’ve had that life before. Waking up early in the morning, run to catch a bus, tried to think I was small enough and that tiny space is big enough to for me. I pushed myself against people in the subway and doesn’t care about anything else. I was selfish in this big city for five years. I’ve had enough! I felt so lucky yesterday, it took me 15 minutes of praying for taxi to move for an inch! It’s usually takes longer that that. Also I felt lucky that I don’t have to pray like this everyday anymore.

I finally reached my apartment and felt sick. I ordered KFC delivery which knocked on my door in 30 minutes after I hunk up the phone. I started packing after delicious KFC meal. By 4 O’clock in afternoon, my room was totally in a mess. I went out for some busyness and again I found that people in Bangkok they are so adorable. A middle age woman skipped the line and get into toilet without manners. A young man who looks healthy took a seat and let an old woman standing, and such expensive service charge that they usually over charge for everything. I just feel like hell and even worse when I realized that I’ve done the same I the past more than once!

Today my mission is completed! My thing was shipped to my parent house. And from now I have no place that I own. I feel weird a bit but glad that I’ve got nothing to worry about. Tomorrow I will be in my parent’s place and not longer than two days, I’m going to be on an island again!

PS. There’s no photo today. I was so busy and tired in Bangkok. And I wrote this blog just when I was taking train back to suratthani. Anyway, I may have a few shots of beautiful flowers somewhere. Will post later..


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