Taking Thai train Suratthani – Bangkok

Thai Railway is one of transportation that I use a lot.  Taking train traveling between Bangkok and Suratthani could be very cheap. I usually take sleeping train which provided bunk bed with fan if I travel in winter and taking air conditioner one in Sumbmer. It’s comfortable and cheap enough. Train ticket between Bangkok it could be cheap. Fo fan class, it’s less than 500 and for air con, it’s  less than 800. However the price is based on distance.
Train in Thailand especially Thai railway usually never be on time! Don’t be surprise if you got 3 hours later than time table. It’s just normal for Thai railway! Anyway, you can claim  the ticket if you can’t stand the delay and you suppose to get money back 100%

Today I have to go to Bangkok but I couldn’t get sleeping train because I didn’t book before plus ilast weekend was 3 days holiday for Thai. S most of them travel back to Bangkok and the seat is fully booked. Anyway, I got a cheaper class which I have to share seat with stranger and it’s not comfortable at all.

I recommend that if you wanna travel by train. Check event calendar! Check if is there any festival that people might be travel there alot. Or was it holiday a few days ago. For example, if there’s Fullmoon party in kohphangan. Going to south might be so crowded and you may not get a seat. However, you can check available seat for train before you go and buy a ticket or call to check from call center. Or else you may have to be suffering like me tonight.


This how people sleep in cheapest train

Tonight is a long night for me. I don’t know how could I sleep. I just had coffee and had some snack from walking sellers who’s carrying thier goods and shout out loud to get attention. I think this is one of art of taking train. Seller! When I was writing this blog, a Thai dessert seller was walking by singing a song to get people attention. A woman opposite me smiled for that. This is totally unique.

Now people around me are falling asleep. I would be a security guard tonight! Don’t worry people…sleep peace! :p


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