Jasmine and Zoe

© TidaPhotography

Back to when I was working in the resort. There are a family with two little girls stayed with us for a week. I fell in love since first minute I saw them having our welcome “ice cream” There were so innocent. The older sister’s name Jasmijn and the younger’s name Zoe. They have different personality. Zoe seems to be a little bit shy while Jasmijn is more friendly.

They seem like normal little girls. But what surprised me is “The hug”. I walked them to the room on their check in. After explanation about facilities and saying good bye. The girl ran to me and gave me little hug. It was Jasmijn! Her mother claimed that she loves hugging which is lovely.

Our relationship seems to grow, Jasmijn showed up another day, gave me morning hugs and spent almost rest of her day around me.


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