Fishing Squid

Lately I got a chance to go fishing at Chaloklum Bay in Koh Phangan.. have a look


Fishing boat


3 Days In Koh Samui – Story Of First Short Stay

Back in middle of October, 2012 that I got a chance to celebrate my birthday with people who represent most of important people of my life at the moment. I celebrated my 24th birthday with my mom, my love and one of my close friends, and new friends on the island of fun, Koh Samui.

I had only a few days in Koh Samui but short time of good memory is actually live in my heart for a life time.

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A kind of date on Mae Hadd Beach, Koh Phangan

December 24, 2012

I’ve been busy at work lately. Also Mr.Sunshine’s day off and mine was not match since. It has been a week that I’ve been living on Koh Phangan but I haven’t got chance for sun bathing until today.

My friend kidnapped me from resort I stay and locked me in his basement. But in late afternoon, he realized that pretty little girl like me deserve the beach! And said he’s going to take me to Mae Haad Beach (– read how Mae Haad Beach Surprise me on another day). I’ve been visited a few beaches since I’ve been here but I’ve never been to Mae Haad. And of course he knew it because he’s been my guide since the first day. So sweet!

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Surprised From Ocean and Awesome Activities on Mae Haad Beach and Koh Ma, Deserted Island

My friend, M is still here and of course we will spend time together. We both always have no plans so we agreed to meet at his resort and find out our destination

Mae Haad Beach

Photo shooting at Malibu Beach

Today the Sun is working along well with clouds to make a lovely day. It makes us want to shoot some photos at Malibu Beach (again). My friend drove passed Malibu entrance and head to convenience shop: 7-Eleven. We need some chocolate to boost our brain. We came out with some chocolate bars. I don’t know how his body can maintain all those sweet.

Silky white sand

Silky white sand

Malibu White Sand

Malibu White Sand

Beautiful beach, white sand and warm sun always attracted people. There are many people on the beach. Some having sun bathing, children are building sand castles and couples are expressing love.

I unfolded my beach towel and we leave our stuff there. My friend walked far away into the ocean and tried to get some nice shots. Obviously he got at least a nice shot of a hot girl bum!

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Fried Egg Salad - First time on Koh Phangan

First time for Fried Egg Salad – When I cook for my friend (host)

Since I’ve been living at my friend’s house I think I should do something in return. I requited his kindness, I decided to cook a few dishes for our dinner.

I went to shopping earlier without idea which dish I’m going to cook. And I came back in about 20 minutes later with a lot of things. I think it’s going to be enough for a few days. I got half kilogram of chicken breast, Ginger, Eggs, Onion, Beans, and a few more stuff.

When I was working at Hansa Resort, I remembered a guest ordered something look delicious and I’ve never cooked it. So it’s going to be good chance to try. That dish call “Fried Egg Salad” When it comes to “salad” for Thai food it’s usually spicy—you should know that 🙂

I’ve been taken any cooking class and I am a real beginner. Let’s see how I cook this dish…

I learn to cook Fried Egg Salad

Fried Egg Salad

Fried Egg Salad - First time on Koh Phangan

Fried Egg Salad – First time on Koh Phangan

Fried Egg Salad


–       Eggs

–       Onion ( all white, green, and red )

–       Chili

–       Tomato

–        Fries peanuts

–       Fish Sauce

–       Sugar

–       Lime


–       Chop up the onion and chili

–       Cut tomato into not so big pieces

–       Fry egg and chop into pieces

Mix Salad Sauce

–       Mix Fish sauce, Sugar, Lime and chilies in a bowl. I don’t measure how much for each ingredients. So your expectation is every flavor is main flavor; sour, salty, sweet and spicy. Or adapt to any flavor you prefer.

Mix them together

–       Put onion and tomato to sauce bowl, mix them together

–       Prepare chopped friend egg in a dish

–       Pour Salad sauce on top mix

–       Add fried peanuts on top as optional

–       Enjoy!

It was my first time cooking this dish and it was well. I proud of myself 🙂

By the way I also cook another simple one as well. It called “Stir Fry Chicken with Ginger”

Stir Fry Chicken with Ginger

Stir Fry Chicken with Ginger

Stir Fry Chicken with Ginger

Cutting Ginger is tough!

Stir Fry Chicken with Ginger

–       Chicken breast sliced

–       Onion

–       Mushroom

–       Ginger

–       Beans

–       Fish sauce

–       Oyster sauce

–       Sugar

–       Oil

–       Garlic


I am not good at cutting and slicing work. So you know what to do, right? This is simple dish. What I found difficult is ginger cutting part! How do I cook? After you’re done with cutting work. Heat a little bit of oil, add chopped garlic, put chicken and follow by oyster sauce, then ginger. Fry them for a while because ginger need some time to cook. While waiting for ginger to be right, add fish sauce, sugar, or more oyster sauce as you wish. Then add onion, mushroom, beans or other vegetable. You expected flavor to be more salty and less sweet from mushroom and oyster sauce. But I added sugar because I love sweetness.

Well, that what I cooked when I was on Koh Phangan. My friend likes Fried Egg Salad.. but it was spicy. Of course, he complaint on the next day!

Oh yeah, while I’m cooking and busy in the kitchen. Judy tried to get my attention and begging for food. He knew that I was cooking!

Judy, a smart dog

Judy, a smart dog

Another lovely day at Malibu Beach, Koh Phangan

Malibu beach located in Northern of Koh Phangan. It’s not far from Chaloklum where I live so I go there so often and always enjoy the beach over there. Drinks and food are little bit expensive compare to another beach or restaurants by the ocean. But positively, you pay for food and you get beautiful beach and atmosphere as a gift. It’s really worth to pay.

I’ve not eat any food here yet. I know a few price of some drink like Singhabeer big bottle is 80 Baht, All cocktails is 180 Baht and Fruit Shake is 80 Baht. I had Mojito here was terrible anyway.