Best Mojito made from Basil leaves not mints!!?

Best Mojito made from Basil leafs not mints!!?

Vacation work usually gives you a lot of experiences … I support that.

Back in December 2012, I was working at a resort as ‘Everything woman’. I did everything. But it was a nice opportunity for me to learn new skills.


A few starving guests ordered food in late afternoon one day. Unfortunately our cook was not there at the moment and I volunteered to cook and fill their tummy. I cooked for them under condition that they have to eat whatever I can cook. ( I can cook only one dish at the moment )


What I cooked for them was Stir fried chicken with basil and chilli. In fact I’ve ever cooked this dish only once. Ingredients is prepared, chicken sliced, peeled garlic and so on. I tried to cook as I learned. But one thing I got confused was what is mint and what’s basil leaves!? The pan was getting burn and I had no time to think. I picked a few basil leaves (at least I thought it was) and continue cooking. Finally it’s finished! I served the (look) delicious dishes to my guests. And of course I got compliment which made me grinned.


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Later at the night, I was a bartender (I told you I was “Everything woman”) and I got an order of 2 Mojitos. Oh yeah I’ve learned how to made it a few days ago. And I knew that I need Mints! I look for mint and I found it in the kitchen. Anyway 2 Mojitos served with lovely smiled from me. Seem I was a talented Mojito maker. They asked for another round not so long later.




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While I was idling at my bar. Our cook ran over me and shouted “Do you see Basil leaves bag!?” I said “No, I have no idea” She glanced at me “Really?” and took away my mint bag from my bar. I walked after her “wait wait wait! What do you mean basil? It’s mint and I just made Mojito with it!” She laughed and said “This is Basil leaves silly girl and if you need Mint, it’s in the kitchen!” I shocked for about 20 seconds. I followed her into kitchen and find out the truth. And realized that today I cooked Stir Fried Chicken with Basil and Chili  using Mint leaves. I made Mojito I using Basil leaves. I am truly sorry for all my guests…I am sorry. But at least I kind of know the different of basil and mint leaves!




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