Been a long time

It’s been very long time I’ve posted my last post here. A year I guess.

Time passed by so quick.

From an geek working in the office having unhappy life.

I now live on the island with my wonderful boyfriend and lovely cat.

From a girl who scared of deep water became an Advanced Open Water Diver

More exciting things happened during a year, I couldn’t write it all in one shot.


Well, I don’t expect any of my followers to remember me. But if any of you do, please know that I wish you all well!

– Tida


Jasmine and Zoe

© TidaPhotography

Back to when I was working in the resort. There are a family with two little girls stayed with us for a week. I fell in love since first minute I saw them having our welcome “ice cream” There were so innocent. The older sister’s name Jasmijn and the younger’s name Zoe. They have different personality. Zoe seems to be a little bit shy while Jasmijn is more friendly.

They seem like normal little girls. But what surprised me is “The hug”. I walked them to the room on their check in. After explanation about facilities and saying good bye. The girl ran to me and gave me little hug. It was Jasmijn! Her mother claimed that she loves hugging which is lovely.

Our relationship seems to grow, Jasmijn showed up another day, gave me morning hugs and spent almost rest of her day around me.


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Update after a while

The second time taking boat to Koh Phangan

The second time taking boat to Koh Phangan

Mae Haad Beach

Mae Haad Beach

View from Sunset Hill

View from Sunset Hill, where I live at the moment

Sunset at my favorite spot

Sunset at my favorite spot

I think I haven’t update this blog since the day I arrived Koh Phangan for second time. I picked up by my friend from the pier and got to a big and cozy jungle house in the middle of nowhere. The house is so lovely and comfortable. But there’s no internet. I was living ( not completely ) unplugged for a few days. Was great though!

I got a job in hospitality as an assistant manager which is totally different from the degree I hold at the moment. I’ve been working there for a while Things has changed and changed for some reasons. Anyway, I’ve been living my life on paradise island for a little while now. All went pretty well…

Just only a month and a few weeks, I’ve learned a lot more about Koh Phangan. No! I didn’t go to every weekly party on the island. But I talked more to people and being more active. I know a lot more spots on the island now. I even went to the highest spot of Koh Phangan. Not much to brag about it but I did it, okay?

Oh right, about Mister Sunshine. I had a lot of heart ache and it was not his fault nor mine. We are not good friends, do I wanna be more of course. But it seem like things wouldn’t work out from one side. So we are pretty good friends as we usually are. And now he’s going back to where he’s from. I hope when tide return next year, we will meet somewhere on the earth.

Well that’s pretty much all for now

2 busy days in Bangkok

Two days in Bangkok that I dont really enjoyed

I came back to Bangkok for 2 days to moved my stuffs out from my apartment. No not that I’m going for round the world trip. But I decided not to live in Bangkok any longer. I spent one day and half to pack up my thing with help from mom. Without mom’s help, I don’t know if I could finished this fast. I didn’t have time for relax or party with friends but I do had a few hours outside seeing people in busy Bangkok

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Taking Thai train Suratthani – Bangkok

Thai Railway is one of transportation that I use a lot.  Taking train traveling between Bangkok and Suratthani could be very cheap. I usually take sleeping train which provided bunk bed with fan if I travel in winter and taking air conditioner one in Sumbmer. It’s comfortable and cheap enough. Train ticket between Bangkok it could be cheap. Fo fan class, it’s less than 500 and for air con, it’s  less than 800. However the price is based on distance.
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Best Mojito made from Basil leaves not mints!!?

Best Mojito made from Basil leafs not mints!!?

Vacation work usually gives you a lot of experiences … I support that.

Back in December 2012, I was working at a resort as ‘Everything woman’. I did everything. But it was a nice opportunity for me to learn new skills.


A few starving guests ordered food in late afternoon one day. Unfortunately our cook was not there at the moment and I volunteered to cook and fill their tummy. I cooked for them under condition that they have to eat whatever I can cook. ( I can cook only one dish at the moment )

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Thai Chinese New Year Celebrating

My plan to leave my hometown seems to postpone. I’ve been here for 2 weeks now even I feel strange being a guest of my parents for this long. Anyway, being home during some festivals is nice, because it brings family to be together, have fun and update about things in living.

Yesterday was Chinese New Year and I got invited to my aunt’s house. She married a kind Thai Chinese man who’s become an uncle I really love.

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Reblog ❤ Just from another blog of mine

Tida Photography

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” — Lao Tzu

Is that why, we love?

This photo I inspired by loving someone and try to be just a little part of his life.

I was sitting over this rock and when I saw this scene. I thought the ocean was like a man who has strongly love to the beautiful shore. He tries to reach her again and again just to see her for a second in every time  Even he knows this love could’t be last. But he never stop trying because love gives him courage.

Location: Haad Chao Phao beach, Koh Phangan

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My favorite spot :)

Another Paradise shot!

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Things Happen For A Reason

December 12, 2012

Can’t believe it’s really happened!

I’ve made decision that I will be on the island. And my first destination would be Koh Phanagan. – Why is that? – Because my destiny want me to be there.

I haven’t book any hotels because I planned to send out couch request on I’ve heard about couchsurfing but never experienced it. I sent out a few request asking for host for a few days and tried to get information about getting hired as well.

I checked my inbox every day and what I got was – I can’t host at the moment – I read them with no attention because I know the answer. But finally a message just caught my eyes. “I may have a job for you. I hope it’s still available when you’re arrived 🙂 keep in touch

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