Things Happen For A Reason

December 12, 2012

Can’t believe it’s really happened!

I’ve made decision that I will be on the island. And my first destination would be Koh Phanagan. – Why is that? – Because my destiny want me to be there.

I haven’t book any hotels because I planned to send out couch request on I’ve heard about couchsurfing but never experienced it. I sent out a few request asking for host for a few days and tried to get information about getting hired as well.

I checked my inbox every day and what I got was – I can’t host at the moment – I read them with no attention because I know the answer. But finally a message just caught my eyes. “I may have a job for you. I hope it’s still available when you’re arrived 🙂 keep in touch

I got back to the guy and after I got a little information about ‘my future work’ I had a phone interview with Mr.B, my future boss. All happened within really short time, and I got hired! But wait! What do I know about my job? It’s resort work but what am I going to be? Receptionist? Waitress? A maid? Bartending? A cook (I hardly think so! I don’t know how to cook!). I really have no clue about my job. But since I decided to go for it! I will just go for it and experience my vacation work.

The first person I wanted to tell the news was Mr. Sunshine. I’m happy that I’m going to see him again on Koh Phangan. I tried to reach him on his cell phone but seem he was busy and didn’t pick up my phone.


Things happen for a reason

It’s happened so fast. I was thinking about last a few days and think back about last a few weeks. Things just going on its way.

On 1 August, I quit job and work as web development freelancer. One of big change in my life.

On 17 November, I broke up with my boyfriend and he became ex-boyfriend immediately just over a night. I don’t even noticed that our relationship has been so delicate. I had a lot of trust in him and our relationship. Perhaps nothing was wrong but he just want to leave me. It was hurt. I’ve been cried for weeks and my heart has broken into pieces. My parents were most importance people who helped me get through tough moment. Also two of my friends were really supportive. ‘O’ told me to focus on myself and don’t lost my goals, told me that I should move on with my life rather stuck with failure. Another one, ‘M’ encouraged me to travel and being with myself for a while, he also told me to watch a famous movie “Into the Wild

On 3December, I watched “Into the Wild” in a lonely and boring night. I got a phrase from the movie which changed my life. It was “When you forgive, you love. And when you love, God’s light shines upon you.” I paused the movie and cried so bad. I don’t know why I had such so much emotion for the phrase. After a while, I finally wiped away my tear and continued movie until the end.

Right away after movie finished. I wrote a very long email to my officially ex-boyfriend. I said sorry for everything I’ve done and haven’t done. I said thank you for every single moment he made my life. And at the end I said, “Hope we could be friend” and I meant it. Be just friends and love each other as just ‘friend’. Sent button’s clicked at the same time that my tear’s filled up my eyes. I just can’t believe that I really did it. I cried, but I know I’ve done what I should have one. Now I’m ready to move on and focus on my own happiness. But still I can’t stop asking question why he gave up with relationship so easily. I knew he loved me and I loved him. Can love change to be hate just over a night? I just don’t understand it. Or he was pretending? Love is complicated…it really is.

It has been a week later after I watched the movie that I realized it’s changed my life. I met a lot of new people, I got stronger and the most wonderful thing is, I met Mister Sunshine. It was unbelievable coincident situation. Strong feeling that I felt for movie quote, my reaction after that movie, the feeling I had when I first saw Mr. Sunshine and the feeling I had when I was with him, and also my future boss who hired me immediately and that going to bring me sunshine. It’s wonderful to me, it’s like surprised from universe.

I don’t know how all this happened coincidentally. But I think it’s gonna change my life even better or worse. Mr. Sunshine and I would become good friends or enemies, I would have a really good or nightmare job at resort, I would have a really nice or terrible boss, I would enjoy living on Koh Phangan or become druggy. But one things I believe is “Thing happens for a reason”. What reason was that?

–      I broke up with my ex so I can be independent little girl.

–      I became closer to my ex-boyfriend’s friend, ‘O’ so he can help me get though the bad moment

–      My friend, M told me to watch that movie so I could inspired from that quote and move on.

–      Another friend I took to bus stop brought me to meet new friend, English couple.

–      English couple left earlier brought Mr. Sunshine a chance to talk to me.

–      W. a coucsurfing friend brought be to Mr.B and he became my boss who brought me to Koh Phangan.

That is what I want! My original intention was ‘living on the island’ and things happened to bring me there. I appreciated help from everybody even intentionally helped or coincidentally helped. All are matter.

I am exciting moving to Koh Phangan, the Paradise Island! I planned to be there before 20th December, but plan is plan. I don’t really have any idea at the moment. Only thing I know, I had the feeling that I have to be there and seem something managed me to be there. Is it destiny bring me to my destination?

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