From Bangkok to Koh Phangan

Left my past he hide – December 13, 2012

Yesterday I moved out from the room of history. I have many reasons for leaving this room and of course on them is, I want to forget the past. People say, ‘you can’t forget the past, you can only left it be hide’. But I don’t think living with bad memories helps me move on. For now I prefer to leave them be hide and once I am ready, I’ll dig deep to my memory and learn from it. For now? Good bye.

Ticket to Paradise

I have to go to Khaosan road to buy boat ticket to Koh Phangan. Traffic in Bangkok in evening is horrible but I avoid them by taking boat.

There are many agencies here but my friend who came along with me said, just get from any of them. I agreed, and don’t think price would be so different.

With small discount I got ticket from Bangkok to Koh Phangan for 1200 Baht traveling with Lom Praya Ferry. But if you are foreigner, had blonde hair and hold foreign passport. You may get the ticket for 800 Baht. I rarely see any serviced which Thai pay more expensive than foreigners! I curiosity asked them why, and they said “It’s slower boat”. Thai’s not allowed to take that boat because it’s tourist boat. Actually their reason was nonsense to me but I didn’t ask any more questions.

Unplanned packing – December 14, 2012

Seem like I had more than juice last night. My non-alcoholic friend and I went for some drink last night and we party. So I am kind of hangover this morning. My stuff is still unpack but I can’t get out of my bed. I tried to close my eyes but I couldn’t sleep anymore.

I went to fix my phone in afternoon and I had to buy new cheap phone because I had to leave my phone there. My simple phone costs me 600 baht and it comes with 2 years warrantee. Wow! I got new phone and my fancy android phone is fixing—I’m going to get it back in a month (damn it!)

After I got home after 30 minutes on the road because of traffic ham. I packed my stuff within 20 minutes. And I finally have freaking 2 big backpacks and a small bag. I look at my guitar sadly, I couldn’t take you with me sweetie! However, I’ve learned one thing today: don’t be rush! And plan well!

Anyway, my friend saved my life. He came over to help me carry things to the bus. We went by boat and I was in time!

Time to go

My friend and I hugged goody bye. I had to carry my bag to the bus by myself. My friend said before he left that I won’t have trouble with my bags because guys are willing to help. So I tried his strategy. “Excuse me! Could you please help me get my bags?” I ask a guy who looks strong to bring my bags which underneath someone else’s bags. He got me my bags and just that! Ok! My friend was wrong! Guys will not always help especially he has freaking big backpack on his back!

Friendship comes with chips.

My seat is next to a Korean girl, we are the same age. I shared my chips to her. She didn’t speak English and I don’t speak Korean. We spent a few hours sleeping next to each other after we had chips and little chit chat.

Bus is taking break

I think we are stopping for some food. How can I eat food at 2 AM? I sat on the end of a bench drinking soy milk and looking at many buses in front of me. I had no idea which one is mine. A guy sat down at another end of the bench. We smiled at each other. I recognized that we are assigned to the same bus. We started talking after a while and I found that we have something in common such as, training style, and traveling.

People are getting back to the bus. I still have no idea which bus I suppose to get into. I walked to throw my empty bottle and followed my new friend quietly. We said good night and wished each other to get some sleep.

Almost there – December, 2012

Around six o’clock, people getting out of the bus. I have no idea where am I. It seem like we are going to take boat from here. I took my freaking three bags and looked for a seat and continued sleeping. My new friend came over and shared a table with me and also another friends. The Sun is coming up slowly also I’m waking up slowly after had hot coffee. I hugged my legs and put my shin over my knee wait for the boat.

Was in Chumporn

Was in Chumporn


DSC_0462Dec15_Destidations_Travel_Koh-Phangan_Arrive DSC_0466Dec15_Destidations_Travel_Koh-Phangan_Arrive

Finally I got into the boat with help from my friend carrying one of my bag. We sat together in group on the boat. I got sea sick and threw up. One of my friend, she told me to look at the window and follow waves when it goes up and down. I did that and I got better and finally fell asleep on my friend shoulder. They all are so nice and I was so thankful.


At the pier, Mister Sunshine is already there. He was in Thai Fisherman’s pants and got a little bit tan. First thing he said after welcome hugged was “I You told me you’re reaching since 30 minutes ago” really!? Complaining? Anyway I was so happy seeing him again.

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