A dollar = Two Cups of Coffee in Thailand!?


I was walking at local market and saw a daddy’s son helps dad making coffee. Lovely scene:)

I am a coffee lover and I have several favorite coffee shops in Bangkok. But I am in Southern Thailand, I rarely get a cup of good coffee especially in country side or non-tourism area. However, the price of coffee is cheap here. The price is various from 15 – 25 Baht. But I am talking about movable coffee shop ( built in modified 3 wheels motorbike for example)

The coffee taste is not bad at all. They use Thai Arabica coffee powder and make it Thai way. You won’t expected 20 Baht a cup of coffee made from coffee machine, right? because they will always use cheap coffee powder. But believe me, when you’re so craving for coffee, any of them taste so good!

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