A boring day? – I cook!

I has been a week that I am taking break at my parents’ house. I missed Koh Phangan, I missed my beloved friends, I missed lovely cloud and sun, I missed beautiful beaches and silky sand, I missed Judy, my 3 legs buddy, I missed adventure and atmosphere there.

It’s not that I don’t like being her with my parents. But I used to live independently for 5 years and now I am feeling like little girl again. I am staying in the same roof with them and feeling uncomfortable. It’s not that uncomfortable…I just can’t be naked as when I was alone – haha I am just ‘kidding

Healthy Fruit Salad

Healthy Fruit Salad

By the way, one thing I enjoy staying here is I can make myself healthy dishes and drinks. For a week that I’ve been here, I haven’t drink any alcohol. I have fruit salad and smoothie for breakfast, have fruit as snack during meals and cook delicious dinner.

Because I missed Koh Phangan so much and today I wanted to cook. So I cook a dish that I’ve learned when I was on Koh Phangan. It is ‘Fried Egg Salad ’. I love it taste, sour, salty, spicy and less sweet. I also enjoy crispy fried egg as well. This dish is actually good for someone who’s on diet, but you should try to eat less yolk.

Even cooking and preparing food is a fun part but I still feel bored anyway. I have less work, I have no interesting activities and being little princess… it’s not fun for me.

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