Sun kissed me so hard – Dark skin after 5 weeks on island

I really enjoy lying on the beach, reading cosmopolitan magazine and drinking coconut shake. I believe that we all women on the beach loves sun kissed skin. And I believe that the sun kissed me so hard because my skin turned to be ‘so dark’ within a few weeks. Most of young Thai women pays for whitening products which promises to give white skin. But I pay for coconut shake and magazine to get tan.

After five weeks on koh phangan

Bottom-left : My Brown skin color – after 5 weeks living on island

Top-Left : September, 2012
Top-Right : September, 2012
Bottom-left : December, 2012
Bottom-right : January, 2013

I was so proud of my skin while living on the island. But when I came back home. My mom, my cousin, my aunt asked me the same question, “why you are so dark!?” – I knew it! “I had sunbathing almost every day” Koh Phangan is so beautiful and I can’t help not to go and enjoy lovely day.

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