Time to leave this paradise ( at least for a while)

I didn’t plan to be here or anywhere else. When I decided to have vacation, I wantedt to run away from where I used to be. Run away from same routines same people. So I just opened the door and came out. I don’t have many reason why koh phangan is my destination. And I’ve a lot of experiences for 5 weeks that I’ve been here.

Today is my last day for first time visit on this paradise. I have to go see my parents for some reasons. I prepared to leave since yesterday. I went to see my friends and let them know that I am leaving. I didn’t say good bye because I know that I will be back.

I woke up in the morning and pack up all my things into my 2 backpacks. Actually I reached here with 2 big backpacks, a small sport bag and a camera bag. But I remember how messed I was carrying all that by myself. So today I organized a bit better.

I am so emotionly right now. Lying in bed in the house that I’ve been staying for 3 weeks. I am thinking about what I’ve done on this island, what I’ve learn, good and bad time I had, many awesome people I’ve met, great people that I spent time with and also my vacation love.

In a few hours I will be in my parents’ arms. But I also don’t want to let go warm hugs from all of my friends here as well. I have another destinations to go. But one day I may walk back to my old road again.

I planted my love all over the island. So one day I will come back to see it grows… one day soon

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