24JAN, 2013 – Coming Back Home

I love to hug and to be hugged but not for saying good bye. When it comes to say good bye, I don’t want to let go. However, we say ‘good bye’ today because we will see ‘hello’ again tomorrow. So it’s not a bad thing!

View from Thong Sala, Koh Phangan

View from Thong Sala, Koh Phangan

Thong Sala Pier Koh Phangan

Thong Sala Pier

My friend took me to Thong-Sala pier and we arrived just 30 minutes before departure. So we don’t really have a lot of time to say good bye which is good for me, because I am not good at saying good bye (at all!) I was standing in front of my friend like a robot waiting for command. “Come on little girl, give me a hug!”Ok I think I have to hug and then what? I have to let go? And saying something nice? Trying not to cry? Oh I hate saying good bye.  Anyway I think it was smooth good bye for a robot like me. I lifted my heavy bags up and walked away – here we go! My memories on Koh Phangan started coming to my mind scene by scene.

I noticed that boat was moving and I wanted to run back and hide in jungle house. But I have to leave, I have to see my parents and sort out things in my life. I told myself that one day I will come back again. And even all of situations might be changed but all of these memories will always in my heart.

Coming Back Home

For hours long that I was so annoyed and grumpy. Annoying little girl on the boat, loudly chit chat of old ladies, and bla bla bla…To be honest, I don’t want to know any of your personal stuff so talk quietly (please!)


We arrived Donsak pier later than we supposed to be. I got on the bus and chose to sit next to a woman which I didn’t even say hi or smile to her. And I was on my e-book and music for all the way from the pier to Suratthani.

We arrived Suratthani around 5 O’clock. I was feeling better and in mood to talk to people. I talked to a woman who I recognized that I’ve seen her around Ban-Tai. Also I finally have chance to talk to the woman who was next to me on the bus. It was short chitchat because I have to catch coming bus to another town.

I took another bus going to my hometown where my parents live. I met another two traveler from Italy and England and also ticket a bus guy who’s ‘too friendly’ to me. He asked so much questions and even I said ‘it’s my personally, I don’t want to talk about it’ he was keep asking. So I said “Why are you so annoying? Why do you want to know about my personal stuff?” I said with a very cold tone of voice. I know, I was rude but he was also rude, isn’t he? By the way, I think this is kind of Thai’s instinct—being too friendly. I am THAI but I feel uncomfortable with that.

Reached my city

Reached my city

Anyway, I finally arrived my city. A familiar car pulled up to bus stop, it was my parents. I said hello to dad and mom and got inside the car. I was a little bit disappointed when I knew that we will have to buy food and take home because mom is not going to cook. I was thinking about all my favorite dishes.

Not so long drive we reached home. All is almost the same. My dog is getting so old and my cat is getting so fat. And my dad is always grumpy and complains about things—I don’t know if he ever tired of himself complaining. I think he might ever complain to himself that he’s complainer and should stop complaining…wait! Am I complaining right now?

By the way, we didn’t talk so much about things after dinner. We were watching TV show which I didn’t really pay attention. We had a little chit chat and that’s all. It was good for me because I had a long trip and was not ready for serious talk.

It’s a little bit strange for me staying here. First thing I did when I reached here, I made myself a cup of coffee it wasn’t the same at all. I missed having coffee with my grumpy friend and atmosphere on Koh Phangan—already!

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