Surprised From Ocean and Awesome Activities on Mae Haad Beach and Koh Ma, Deserted Island

My friend, M is still here and of course we will spend time together. We both always have no plans so we agreed to meet at his resort and find out our destination

Mae Haad Beach

Photo shooting at Malibu Beach

Today the Sun is working along well with clouds to make a lovely day. It makes us want to shoot some photos at Malibu Beach (again). My friend drove passed Malibu entrance and head to convenience shop: 7-Eleven. We need some chocolate to boost our brain. We came out with some chocolate bars. I don’t know how his body can maintain all those sweet.

Silky white sand

Silky white sand

Malibu White Sand

Malibu White Sand

Beautiful beach, white sand and warm sun always attracted people. There are many people on the beach. Some having sun bathing, children are building sand castles and couples are expressing love.

I unfolded my beach towel and we leave our stuff there. My friend walked far away into the ocean and tried to get some nice shots. Obviously he got at least a nice shot of a hot girl bum!

The sun is so bright and water is so warm. I can’t wait anymore. I took off my close and ran to the ocean. I imagined that I am a little happy fish. I floated myself against the lovely clouds in the sky. It gives me such a great feeling.

Exploring deserted island. 

We came back from Malibu Beach and my friend offered be a ‘deserted island tour’ There’s a small island called ‘Koh Ma’ opposite of Mae Haad beach. My friend went there on another day and today he’s my guide. M is the guy with dreams and so far I see that he’s trying to make it come true slowly. He visited this island and comes up with an idea that, “I want to buy this deserted island” he said when we reached the island after walking through all rough rock path. I was surprised. “Yeah?” I said. “Come on, T. Really its nice here. Money it’s not the problem. I wonder why nobody runs business here” I listened to him silently. “I will renovate them and you will run business here. And all money goes to me.” Said he. It’s fun talking about day dream but I really feel that he’s serious about it. And his plan’s going deeper as we walk around the island and see more broken buildings. There are a few broken bungalows, a few broken structure which I think it used to be bars, reception and restaurant. I had fun guessing and investigating broken buildings and wreckage. We walked into a broken wooden bungalow. I looked around and saw a dirty queen size bed and a pillow. I looked up at broken roof and guess all bedding stuff got ruined on any rainy day or night. There are a few bottles on the floor and a few pieces of paper. I picked up one which look like a plane ticket. I tried to find out when was last time that this resort was running. Ticket was belonging to someone who had a flight with China Airline. This ticket brought someone to Bangkok but from where and when, I didn’t know. It’s strange for me but I didn’t feel to discuss about this with my friend that I was feeling so uncomfortable here. I left that ticket on the floor and standing on balcony seeing people walk through us. Some of them stopped by and asked how much for one night stay like this resort is still running and we are staff who’s working here.

My friend and I walked down from bungalow and followed small dirty path to discover more about this place. On our left hand side is the rocky shore. Waves never stop splashing like it’s playing with all those black color rocks. On the right are a few broken bungalow which built against the mountain wall. This area looks dirty a lot of broken glasses, old wood, tree branches on the path. But I bet I must be beautiful after renovation.

We were walking barefoot to the wreckage which supposed to be a bar in the past. There is a standing built-in table which attached to a tree. Chalk board is still overhead at the bar, I looked at the price and imagine that how’s nice drinking coconut shake and listening to waves sound on comfy couch around here.

My friend woke me up from my day dream with his day dream…well, I mean ‘his plan’. He was talking about how this place is going to be and what he want to do. Which bring me back to my day dream again.

Rock climbing

“Come on, T let’s climb up there!” He pointed to the big rock (I would say mountain beside the shore) I followed him and climb naked feet. I haven’t done this kind of adventure for a while. It’s exciting and dangerous activity so I keep climbing carefully. We are almost on the top of the smaller rocks which around 4 meter high from ocean surface. My friend was standing higher than me and I could not go up there anymore. There’s enough space for both of us but it’s difficult for me to get there.

The Sun is setting shining to the ocean and makes wonderful reflection. Over big we are standing still let the air blows our hair, let the sun kisses our skin. Down below us under the ocean, little fishes are enjoying their time, up over our head in the sky, clouds are smiling looking at us. I look up there and say ‘hi’ silently.

Jump into the ocean

I saw a few people snorkeling not so far away. I was thinking how do they enjoy seeing ‘sea cucumber’ I don’t like ‘sea cucumber’ But I want to see another little fishes. We decided to walk back to my friend’s resort and get snorkel kit.

On the way back, I was walking in front since I got to know the path. I saw a little hut look like a tree house. I walked that way and found a tiny storage. The door is open, most area of the wall is black. There’s a machine which seems to be power generator. We finally found our answer about power on this deserted island. I saw another big rocks right in front of me and asked M to climb. We climbed up and stop at one point. It was not highest one but high enough. I screamed out loud with a lot of joy. It was so nice.

I don’t remember how this idea comes up. But I saw M setting himself for jumping from the rock to the ocean. I told him to check if water is deep enough. After we make sure we’re not going to hit any rocks, M was at his position. It was about 3 meters high from the ocean surface and the depth is unknown. He spent a little time getting ready. I was so exciting to see this. I want to jump as well but still not brave enough. We don’t have any camera to record this crazy moment. But it is in my memory. The picture of my friend jumping into the ocean from the rock which is far away from people. We will never know if any accident may happen. But it was freaking fun.

My friend laughed so loud after came up from water and I can see he had so much fun. “Oh my god! I wanna jump!” I said before I was thinking that it was so high for me. I climbed up where my friend was and didn’t jump after 10 minutes passed. He was waiting for me in the ocean to safe me and he was getting tired. “Ok T! Jump from there it’s not high!” He pointed me another position to jump. I was shaking and scared but I still wanna do this or else I will regret it! I told him not to rush me. I stood still and almost give up. “F*ck! I will just…” I jumped down before I finished my sentence. “Woo hooo” I was under water and got panic. I came up like someone who does not know how to swim! I just did it anyway. I am actually scared of Deep Ocean but today I jumped into it. Maybe monsters down there was looking at me but I didn’t care ‘I had fun!’ We came up on the rock and my ear was in pain because of pressure. My friend did it again and again. I did my second jump and this time was smooth. I love it!

The sun is getting down and waves was going crazier splashing against the rock. We decided to stop this crazy activity and walk back. I was walking smiling. It was so awesome time.

We walked back to my friend place. I saw a lot of sea cucumber on the way back. My friend don’t like them too. “Come here M! if you’re afraid of something you have to face….*screaming*” I was asking him to see really big sea cucumber but apparently I stepped on one of them. I jumped and ran away automatically. I was so scared but so happy. I think adrenaline was working so hard when I screamed.

I showered and took a few shot of beautiful sunset with both my camera and my friend’s. We have the same brand of camera and similar model. I tried his one and I love the lens. I told him, “M, this lens is really nice” He looked at me “I told you so!” said him. Before I bought this camera, I ask him about it and he told me to get the same lens with him which I didn’t take it and now I regret.

Its life, isn’t it! We made some mistakes, we made wrong decision and we have to leave with it.

Walking under pier in the dark

We were at the pier after dinner. Chaloklum, is fisherman village to me. A few people were fishing and a Thai guy got a big squid! He was asking me nicely to take a photo with him.

Chaloklum's Pier

Chaloklum’s Pier

It was quiet and we was looking for something fun to do. “M, I wish to walk under the pier. Will you join?” I asked. “Why not! Let’s go” said him. Under the pier over the ocean has nothing special but challenge  and darkness. I walked carefully on blocks of concrete. I didn’t see my friend anymore because it was so dark. “T, come here” He whispered from somewhere in the dark. I found him standing close to the boats “Are you kidding me? Someone is up there” I knew that he wanted to get into the boat. But we saw someone was sleeping there and we didn’t take any risk and get in trouble.

Up on the pier, I asked my friend questions about making good photos and we finally making ‘light painting’.

Light painting

I’ve seen a lot of photos of light painting but I’ve never been trying to do one. M told me about techniques to make light painting. I painted something and he took a few shots. The best part of doing light painting is waiting for captured photo to appear on camera screen. Most of my painting was so ugly. We tried again and again with full of joy. After a while, we moved back to Mae Haad to get better background of our light painting.


Light Painting

Path which connect Mae Hadd beach and deserted island is our destination. The path is wider than day time due to low tide period and it was half-moon night. I walked silently after my friend. A lot of things in my head right now. I had fun but my heart seems ache. I didn’t feel good when I was thinking about stuff in my head. But I didn’t want to spoil my good moment so I keep my feeling inside my mind.

We stopped at the middle of the path and tried to make another good shot of light painting. I told him to draw ‘Freedom’ he did it so well and I shoot nicely though. He was so proud of it. We tried a few more words “Fun” and “Joy” my painting was as ugly as we expected!

Another side of the island which no body live there. I saw fire camp. People probably fishing, drinking and having fun there. Some of firework lighten up and appear on the sky. It was beautiful.

Lighting Plankton

We are walking tired on the shore and my friend call me excitedly. I walked to him and saw little small shining spot on the beach. It was Lighting Planktons. We were so exciting and jumping around to make it light. I was pretending that I am an angel and stars shining under my feet. My friend was jumping and laugh. He pick up sand and splashed it on the beach. It makes really beautiful light. We were playing like children. I had so good memory.

Beautiful moment is more special when you share. There were a couple walked back from deserted island and told us they are having fire camp over there. We show them wonderful thing that we found. The loved it.

Wonderful moments

I have to go back for some reason. We left our little shiny friends and walked back. I don’t know what is going to be in next minute. But I had really good time so far. I said thank you to my friend for a lovely day we shared and left.

It was a wonderful day… moments, activities, and all the stories we shared made a day wonderful. And having all these with a good friend. A day is even more special.

21 Jan, 2013

Tida’s on the paradise

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